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Started sculpting the final piece…

This week, I managed enough space in the studio to start sculpting the final piece. I also carried on working on the feet/hands.

I lost 2 days "upgrading" my stand for the piece, but it is very solid and ready to handle a good few kilos of clay! The stand that I'm using now, and the clay that I'll use are both temporary.

I will make a mould of the body sculpture (clay) and then remove the clay. Later, I will attach a fiberglass cast to the creature, which will make him have a hollow body. That way, it will make the model a lot lighter!

The stand will be removed as the creature will be attached to the wall at about 4m. in height.

University has closed, so I moved all my stuff back home, and will struggle a little with working space, but I'll manage. I have to!

Now I have to complete the head, the body, and the feet sculptures as soon as possible!!! Im starting to feel the preasure now...

DSCF0002_10n.jpg The digits... DSCF0005_11n.jpg

The feet just keep getting more detail.. DSCF0022_1n.JPG



This weekend I have been busy working on the details for the feet... Just carving away... About the nails, I think I will attach them after I cast the feet. How to make them? Don't know yet. Maybe I can vaccum cast them in styrene... but I will probably make them individually and make small silicone moulds and cast them in resin... But I'm not sure, I just know I won't carve them in this clay!



Fiberglassing my final frame

These last two days I have been a little too busy playing around with fiberglass and polyester resin. Like usual, in my previous test models. But this time, in a larger scale... a bit of a mission! I booked the uni's spray boot, for yesterday. The whole afternoon, I was laying fiberglass on the big and awkward frame. It certainly was a big, risky job, but luckily everything went according to plan. Below is the progress:

This shows the materials I used for the process, mentioned earlier. Including scales to measure right amounts of catalyst in the resin, to make sure it cures properly. For this very large, but thin application I used about 3 to 4% catalyst. I also intend to take most of the wires that will support the tissue and resin, so i rubbed vaseline in the wires I wish to remove later. progress 1.JPG

Here we see the fiberglass tissue with resin, applied of the frame, following the shape of the welded wires. progress 3.JPG progress 5.JPG

At this stage I started to reenforce it with fiberglass matt to strenghten it, although I torn the matt appart before I applied it. This chunky mat gives it an iteresting membrane like texture. The tissue was good for the miniatures, but this matt is more suitable to work on a bigger scale. progress 6.JPG progress 8.JPG

And this is the result when the resin cured the next day! Not bad, the next thing to do, is to remove the wiring from the back of the fiberglass. Thanks to the vaseline I rubbed on them, they came out fairly easy. progress 9.JPG

Next, was removing the wires from the back. I removed all except the wires representing the digits, the legs and torso. The main ones, they will secure the frame. Later, I also reenforced the back with more matt and resin on those wires, to make sure they are embedded in the fiberglass and become part of the main frame. progress 12.JPG progress 13.JPG progress 14.JPG

This is the final piece, with the main wires already reenforced with extra matt & resin on the back. Also did a bit of trimming. progress 18.JPG progress 17.JPG


My studio

This is my little corner in our big studio. studio.JPG


The feet

As the creature has the nature of a bat, if alive, it would hang from his feet very often. So I decided to create these feet which have the look of a fruit bat's feet, but with a human hand's shape, more or less. Maybe, a bit like Giger's initial design for "The Tourist". The one that got me started!

DSCF0007_1.JPG Spot welded, brass wire structure

DSCF0018.JPG Starting to sculpt on the wire frame