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3rd wing test

Here, we see that things are starting to get shape. I used the same aproach as for my 2nd wing test. Wire frame, glass fiber tissue, resin, "super sculpey" and acrylics.

DSCF0003_1.jpg The resin with the tissue, cured on the brass wire frame. Before sculpting and painting it.

DSCF0004_4.jpg The wing, sculpted and painted. It's looking good, but I need to find a way of creating some kind of texture on the wing's surface. To give it a more membrane like look.


DSCF0012.JPG This is an initial sketch

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  1. A webpage is cool for further applications!!! They don’t need to be worried about viruses from attached pictures! Good idea! a kiss

    PS: i will dream tonight that you are here… 😉

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