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Started sculpting the final piece…

This week, I managed enough space in the studio to start sculpting the final piece. I also carried on working on the feet/hands.

I lost 2 days "upgrading" my stand for the piece, but it is very solid and ready to handle a good few kilos of clay! The stand that I'm using now, and the clay that I'll use are both temporary.

I will make a mould of the body sculpture (clay) and then remove the clay. Later, I will attach a fiberglass cast to the creature, which will make him have a hollow body. That way, it will make the model a lot lighter!

The stand will be removed as the creature will be attached to the wall at about 4m. in height.

University has closed, so I moved all my stuff back home, and will struggle a little with working space, but I'll manage. I have to!

Now I have to complete the head, the body, and the feet sculptures as soon as possible!!! Im starting to feel the preasure now...

DSCF0002_10n.jpg The digits... DSCF0005_11n.jpg

The feet just keep getting more detail.. DSCF0022_1n.JPG

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