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3rd head sculpture

This head is been around me for over a week now, its had many shapes and sizes. Yet I'm so confused with it that I don't know if I should start another one!

Here goes a photographic inventry of how I started it, and most of the changes I have done until now:

head.JPG I drilled a few holes in the head and inserted the wires like that

DSCF0016_2.JPG Here, shows the wire frame I created for the ears to support the clay.

DSCF0001_1.JPG Here he looks quite good, but very bat alike, I want him with some more human facial features...

DSCF000398_2.JPG I changed his face completely

DSCF0004_2.JPG Broke his nose and made a more human like nose and face




My final frame

This frame is nearly 2m in wing span and 1.5m in body lenght. I will used the same pocedures as earlier mentioned in my sketch models. I will lay glass fibre tissue embedded in clear polyester resin, on the wire armature and later, when the resin cures, I will sculpt on it, but this time I will make a mould of the torso and cast it in a lighter material, like Polyester resin! Again, but this time as a cast, a bit like the wings, so that I have a a hollow body(torso). The arms and digit bones I will sculpt them with "super sculpey", I don't think they will weight too much as a solid sculpture. They are quite narrow.

These photos will show the progress of the FINAL FRAME

DSCF0003_7.JPG DSCF0007_8.JPG DSCF0004_1.JPG DSCF0001_3.JPG DSCF0003._2.JPG


3rd wing test

Here, we see that things are starting to get shape. I used the same aproach as for my 2nd wing test. Wire frame, glass fiber tissue, resin, "super sculpey" and acrylics.

DSCF0003_1.jpg The resin with the tissue, cured on the brass wire frame. Before sculpting and painting it.

DSCF0004_4.jpg The wing, sculpted and painted. It's looking good, but I need to find a way of creating some kind of texture on the wing's surface. To give it a more membrane like look.


DSCF0012.JPG This is an initial sketch


2nd wing test

DSCF00003_2.JPG This was my second wing, using a wire frame just like the others previously shown, glass fiber tissue embedded in resin layed on the frame, sculpted in "super sculpey" and painted with acrylics.


2nd frame/ 1st body sculpture

Here, I made my second welded frame. On this one I layed glass fiber tissue embedded in polyester resin, just like my 1st wing! Then, I sculpted its body on top of the fiber glass with "super sculpey".

second_frame.jpg The welded frame

second_frame_2.jpg The glass fiber tissue, ready to be layed on the frame.

second_frame_3.jpg Here the tissue is embedded in polyester resin, layed and positioned on the wire armature.

second_frame_body.jpg When the resin is cured, it's then ready to sculpt on it!