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This is the model as it stands at 4 meters high. Ready for assessment! DSCF0001op.jpg


Finished part 2







Wow! It's midnight and I am officially finished. The dead line is in about 10 hours, I am in time. I'm happy with everything about this project, it was worth, the many hours I put into this project!


In this final part of the process I used paints, a texture gel(clear), an air brush, sponges, fingers and a mini drill with the sander attached. I also used clear lacquer spray between different layers of paints, to create translucency on the wings. This way I was not putting paint on top of paint. I was sealing one layer of paint with the lacquer and creating a new layer to paint above the old one. This way, the layers that stay underneath are still slightly visible creating a kind of membrane. I also tried to create some vein effects with an air brush and lacquer on top.

With the help of a heat gun, I took about 15 hours to complete it! These last couple of weeks I have been working crazy hours, I dont count them, but I have been working virtually from the moment I wake up until I go to bed 'round 2 or 3 am. If I wasnt working on the model, I was working on this web log, if I wasnt doing this, I was working on the essay until a few days ago! Not much rest...

This is a water based gel, which I used before I painted the wings. It's usually used to create textures. It can be mixed with acrylic paints an it dries clear. Its great stuff, I created stretch marks in the membranes while keeping translucency. (The white becomes clear) 33DSCF0002.jpg


Nearly there!

Finally, I got it all together, and primed in grey! it's good to see some results after so much hard work, all to get it on time!! I have one whole day for painting. Not much, but... I will be handing it in on the dead line, that's all that matters now. DSklCF0008.jpg



Moulding and casting the feet & head

The feet were casted in fast cast resin, poured into the two part mould. 11DSCF0007.jpg


Even though I used the same type of mould as the one for the feet. I casted it differently, I used fiber glass. So the feet will be both solid casts, but the head will be a two part fiber glass cast, that later will be joined. That will make a hollow, but strong, yet light weight head. Easier to attach on the main body.

I'm very happy with the results so far!! For the front of the head cast, instead of using gel coat, I used "thixoverticale", the same stuff that I used to join the body cast to the wings. Its a lot thicker than gel coat, and its also made from polyester, so it picked up the nose detail well and made it very solid. There are some minor air bubbles, but nothing much.

All the casts went well. That was crucial progress, at crucial times. I made all the moulds and casts in two days. Now, i only have two days to finish it... I still believe I can do it!! Im very curious to see what it will look like, and now its the best part of the whole project. 33DSCF0004.jpg