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Sculpting main body

These last three days I have been trying to do as much as I can on the main body sculpture on the fiber glass structure.

The conditions in which I am making this 2m. model are terrible, first, carpet flooring and clay sculptures do not go very well. Besides, the lighting is bad and the only angle I can sculpt it in, is at eye level. I also cannot look at my model any further than two meters away due to lack of space in the lounge. Considering the model will be at 3 or 4 meters off the ground, it is very difficult to imagine what it will look like, considering I am working with it at an eye level height. I hate that... and that is why sometimes I just wished I had a nice Workshop!!

Other than that, and the fact that this project is taking all my cash away due to the pricey materials, it's going good so far. I just hope I can finish it before the dead line (26 Jan.)! That's my main objective!!

After this sculpture is done and I finish my feet and head sculpture I have to mould them in silicone (with fiberglass jacket) and cast them with polyester resin. That way I can remove the 30 kilos of clay I have used on the body! Once the body is casted in resin, it will only weight a few kilos, since it will be a thin strong resin body. After I remove the clay I will attach the fiber glass body.




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  1. Excellent job Ruben. Espero que consigas acabar esse animal a tempo.depois falamos. Abracos do capitao.

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