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Last friday I went to london to do some shopping. First I went to Tiranti (Warren st.), I bought a very thick clear paste of polyester resin (thixotropic) to join the final body cast to the wings, I will use it as filler too. I bought 5 kg of normal polyester resin. This time to make the fiber glass jacket mould and as well as for the Body cast. I also bought "thixo additive" (changes silicone from flowable to non-slump)+ a catalyst booster to mix with the silicone I got from Artem. It's not sure if will work because it's from a different brand, I have to make a little test to see what happens... This will it's quite vital because I have to make an almost vertical mould.

After Tiranti I took a stroll down to Travistock st in Covent garden to look at some fake prosthetic hair. Very cool, it can be stretched or curled... I bought two different shades of brown. This hair type is quite thin though, so I'm quite keen to look in girls shops for hair extensions, just to see if I find anything interesting to mix with the prosthetic hairs.

Later, at the London Graphic center, I bough a clear gel medium to mix with acrylic paints. They will keep the paints more translucent and I will be able to create various textures on the wings, like vains, stretch marks... an atempt to resemble its natural forms.

After all that, I also had time to take look at the Comic showcase in Oxford street, where I couldn't tempt my self from buying January's Cinefex and a book which was on sale. The making of the Phantom Menace.

This past weekend I worked solely on my final dissertation (nightmare!). Therefore, no playing around with the model until today... Today, I have just been "polishing" up the the feet a little more, and getting the final body sculpture ready to make the silicone mould with a fiber glass jacket. I hope to get the mold and the cast ready by the end of this week, and hopefully lots more!

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