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Body’s 1st silicone layer

I left the clay dry too much prior to make the mould, hence the cracks on the clay from shrinkage. DSCF000p4.JPG

I had to redo the arms, all edges and part of the legs. The body in now ready to receive its first layer of silicone, note the clay walls used as barriers. DSCF00.15.JPG

Some materials I used include scales, to add the right amounts of catalyst and thixo in the silicone. DSCF00.19.JPG

This is the 1st layer of silicone, it will pick up all the details from the sculpture, so it is important not to trap air bubbles between the sculpture and the silicone, by brushing the silicone thoroughly DSCF0023op.jpg

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  1. Keep up the excellent work – all your hard work, dedication and the love you have been putting into your project will, no doubt, be recognized and appreciated by many – I HAVE THIS SEPECIAL FEELING. I think the ideia of going to a girls hairdresser to buy extensions is great so that you could mix it with the one you bought. Love you lots,


  2. Thanks Mom! 🙂

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