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Moulding and casting the feet & head

The feet were casted in fast cast resin, poured into the two part mould. 11DSCF0007.jpg


Even though I used the same type of mould as the one for the feet. I casted it differently, I used fiber glass. So the feet will be both solid casts, but the head will be a two part fiber glass cast, that later will be joined. That will make a hollow, but strong, yet light weight head. Easier to attach on the main body.

I'm very happy with the results so far!! For the front of the head cast, instead of using gel coat, I used "thixoverticale", the same stuff that I used to join the body cast to the wings. Its a lot thicker than gel coat, and its also made from polyester, so it picked up the nose detail well and made it very solid. There are some minor air bubbles, but nothing much.

All the casts went well. That was crucial progress, at crucial times. I made all the moulds and casts in two days. Now, i only have two days to finish it... I still believe I can do it!! Im very curious to see what it will look like, and now its the best part of the whole project. 33DSCF0004.jpg


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