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Wow! It's midnight and I am officially finished. The dead line is in about 10 hours, I am in time. I'm happy with everything about this project, it was worth, the many hours I put into this project!


In this final part of the process I used paints, a texture gel(clear), an air brush, sponges, fingers and a mini drill with the sander attached. I also used clear lacquer spray between different layers of paints, to create translucency on the wings. This way I was not putting paint on top of paint. I was sealing one layer of paint with the lacquer and creating a new layer to paint above the old one. This way, the layers that stay underneath are still slightly visible creating a kind of membrane. I also tried to create some vein effects with an air brush and lacquer on top.

With the help of a heat gun, I took about 15 hours to complete it! These last couple of weeks I have been working crazy hours, I dont count them, but I have been working virtually from the moment I wake up until I go to bed 'round 2 or 3 am. If I wasnt working on the model, I was working on this web log, if I wasnt doing this, I was working on the essay until a few days ago! Not much rest...

This is a water based gel, which I used before I painted the wings. It's usually used to create textures. It can be mixed with acrylic paints an it dries clear. Its great stuff, I created stretch marks in the membranes while keeping translucency. (The white becomes clear) 33DSCF0002.jpg

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