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Moulding the head and feet

Below is the head with a dividing wall to make a two part mould. Notice the keys on the wall. 1DSCF0002.jpg

Silicone skin mould, with silicone keys and ready to cover with a fiber glass jacket. 2DSCF0006_1.jpg

To make the feet, I'm using the same mould making approach that I'm using on the head. 3DSCF0008.jpg


Final head ready to mould

I have finally finished the head. For the detail, I made some texture effects with a paintbrush creating random lines a bit like small hairs. For the face, I have made a texture stamp out of silicone, from the skin of an orange as shown below. When I press on his face with this stamp, it gives it an effect similar to pores on skin. Usually found on facial skin, though, some people have them with more predominance than others. DSCF000po4.jpg

Below are two shots of the finished head. Ill probably spend another few minutes cleaning it up, prior to do the mould. But that's it! It's finally done and I am happy with the way it looks!

Lets not forget that I have been developing this head's design as well as all the other parts of the creature's body, for over 6 months. And yes I could have finished this model a long time ago, but I tried not to. I like the whole design process, the fact that I don't know how it's going to look like, until it's done! Although, any work that I do to it, day by day, leads to progress. And that is usually good news, because the more I work, the better it will look!

If we were given more time to work on this project, I would certainly not want to be finished by now, I would carry on developing its overall design, until the last few days before the dead line...

But time has come, and even though the dead line is for next monday and I still have a lot to do! I don't feel that I am late in any way. I do feel though, that I took advantage of the time I had to develop the way the 'tourist' will look. At this stage, some luck would be handy though, I must be honest!




Super scupley…

Here it shows the digits and where the fiber glass forearm finishes... I will use super sculpey (same as the digits) to blend them both. I will eventually use it to blend the feet and head on the main body too. DSCF000p1.jpg

Building with super sculpey... DSCF000p5.jpg


The body cast attached…

The body finally attached DSCF0001.jpg

This is the head sculpture almost ready to make a mould DSCF0005.jpg

The feet ready to mould fiDSCF0001.jpg


Joining the body cast onto the wings

To join the body cast on the wings I used a very thick paste called "thixoverticale" also derived from polyester resin. Similar to gel coat but even thicker. Then I clamped it together and added some extra weight were the clamps could not reach... aDSCF0020.jpg