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The body’s cast

I have finally removed the clay sculpture from the wings.

The silicone skin mould, the clay sculpture and the fiber glass jacket DSCF000mn4.JPG

This is the skin mould fitted on the jacket. The purpose of the jacket is to retain the general forms of the sculpture, while the skin mould is to pick up the detail. It's ready for a gel coat layer prior to put fiber glass. DSCjF0005.JPG

The glass fiber resin waiting to set. Hopefully the resin cures ok! DSCF0ll012.JPG


Fiber glass jacket

Mixing resin, ready for making the fiber glass jacket over the silicone skin mould. DSCF0007po.JPG

Fiber glass jacket ready! DSCF0014.JPG

I have also finished sculpting the feet and they are ready to make a mould of each. I will use the same method of mould making that I used for the main body, though this time I will do it as a 2 part mould. I'm thinking of giving him a bit of attitude, in a way that when he looks at the audience, he will either look angry or hungry! 🙂


Body’s 1st silicone layer

I left the clay dry too much prior to make the mould, hence the cracks on the clay from shrinkage. DSCF000p4.JPG

I had to redo the arms, all edges and part of the legs. The body in now ready to receive its first layer of silicone, note the clay walls used as barriers. DSCF00.15.JPG

Some materials I used include scales, to add the right amounts of catalyst and thixo in the silicone. DSCF00.19.JPG

This is the 1st layer of silicone, it will pick up all the details from the sculpture, so it is important not to trap air bubbles between the sculpture and the silicone, by brushing the silicone thoroughly DSCF0023op.jpg



Last friday I went to london to do some shopping. First I went to Tiranti (Warren st.), I bought a very thick clear paste of polyester resin (thixotropic) to join the final body cast to the wings, I will use it as filler too. I bought 5 kg of normal polyester resin. This time to make the fiber glass jacket mould and as well as for the Body cast. I also bought "thixo additive" (changes silicone from flowable to non-slump)+ a catalyst booster to mix with the silicone I got from Artem. It's not sure if will work because it's from a different brand, I have to make a little test to see what happens... This will it's quite vital because I have to make an almost vertical mould.

After Tiranti I took a stroll down to Travistock st in Covent garden to look at some fake prosthetic hair. Very cool, it can be stretched or curled... I bought two different shades of brown. This hair type is quite thin though, so I'm quite keen to look in girls shops for hair extensions, just to see if I find anything interesting to mix with the prosthetic hairs.

Later, at the London Graphic center, I bough a clear gel medium to mix with acrylic paints. They will keep the paints more translucent and I will be able to create various textures on the wings, like vains, stretch marks... an atempt to resemble its natural forms.

After all that, I also had time to take look at the Comic showcase in Oxford street, where I couldn't tempt my self from buying January's Cinefex and a book which was on sale. The making of the Phantom Menace.

This past weekend I worked solely on my final dissertation (nightmare!). Therefore, no playing around with the model until today... Today, I have just been "polishing" up the the feet a little more, and getting the final body sculpture ready to make the silicone mould with a fiber glass jacket. I hope to get the mold and the cast ready by the end of this week, and hopefully lots more!


Sculpting main body

These last three days I have been trying to do as much as I can on the main body sculpture on the fiber glass structure.

The conditions in which I am making this 2m. model are terrible, first, carpet flooring and clay sculptures do not go very well. Besides, the lighting is bad and the only angle I can sculpt it in, is at eye level. I also cannot look at my model any further than two meters away due to lack of space in the lounge. Considering the model will be at 3 or 4 meters off the ground, it is very difficult to imagine what it will look like, considering I am working with it at an eye level height. I hate that... and that is why sometimes I just wished I had a nice Workshop!!

Other than that, and the fact that this project is taking all my cash away due to the pricey materials, it's going good so far. I just hope I can finish it before the dead line (26 Jan.)! That's my main objective!!

After this sculpture is done and I finish my feet and head sculpture I have to mould them in silicone (with fiberglass jacket) and cast them with polyester resin. That way I can remove the 30 kilos of clay I have used on the body! Once the body is casted in resin, it will only weight a few kilos, since it will be a thin strong resin body. After I remove the clay I will attach the fiber glass body.