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Most parts ready…

I have most of the pieces required to complete the droid now, except for the hands. Now I only need to join some bits together and then I will make 2 moulds of the arm and two of the leg (divided in the elbow and in the knee), they both will be divided in 2 for casting , so that later I can glue them in different positions.

Casting some bits for the opposite side in fast cast resin, from silicone moulds. 39DSCF0001_2.jpg

This is the cast when the resin sets, about 10 min later, with the master piece on the right. This is the "hip" joint part... 39DSCF0018_1.jpg

I made the top part of the arm in 3 parts as seen, I used the lathe machine to make the cylinder bit and the rest, I mostly used sanding blocks and the belt sander. 39DSCF0001_3.jpg


The "elbow" joint, was very difficult to see in detail due to the quality of the drawings I have, but here it goes.. I used the lathe and later the milling machine. 39DSCF0002_2.jpg


These are the droid's parts on a wooden board, which I use to transport the parts with me, from machine to machine in the workshop. To keep the correct proportions, and make sure that all parts fit to each other. I used with me at all times, the droid's drawings and the parts already done. So that I could compare everything I had. 39DSCF0012_1.jpg

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head and leg

The leg in nearly completed now. Once its finished, I will make little moulds of all the parts, then enough plastic casts to make 2 legs. Due to its simple, but effective manufacturing construction, I only need to make 1 leg and 1 arm to make a pair of each. DS.CF0008_2.jpg

This will be part of the waist, with a all joint. I will also mould and cast this part in order to make 2, one for each leg. DS.lCF0012_1.jpg

I have also improved the bottom part of the neck. The first one was inaccurate. D.lSCF0001.jpg


I turned the head piece on a lathe with a medium dense foam, later made a keyed silicone skin mould and made a base with 4 walls around it. I poured plaster into it and made a hard plaster block to retain the exact shape of the head, without distorting the flexible silicone skin mould. When the plaster was set I removed the foam head from the mould and poured liquid plastic in it. After removing it from the mould I sanded the inside until its thickness was an even 1.5 cm all around.

The soft foam allowed me to work with it easily, and the mould allowed me to create a thin, light and tough plastic head with the shape that I wanted. DS.lCF0004_3.jpg


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After using the belt sander and some sanding blocks... ,DSCF0008_3.jpg

This below will be part of the joint of its waist. A bit like a ball socket! ,DSCF0002_5.jpg

Here is the "calf muscle", I shaped it in the belt sander and part of the knee joint which was done on the lathe machine. ,DSCF0005_5.jpg

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The neck will be mostly done on the lathe machine. dgCF0002.jpg


Later I will attach all bits together, and then use filler where required. dgCF0004_2.jpg

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Progress so far…

I have made a master toe from acrylic and some filler, then I sanded it to a smooth finish. D.SCFl0001.jpg

On the right is the finished master toe, then its cast in fast cast resin. And the silicone mould on the left. Later I will cast 4 identical toes, 2 for each foot. D.SCF0002_12.jpg

The body was carved out of a medium density foam. Then it was primed various times until a smooth finish was obtained. Later I will cast it in resin, to make strong solid piece. D.SCF0004_11.jpg

The lens was made from a clear acrylic, thick rod. Worked on the lathe, sanded to its appropriate concave shape and then polished to a crystal clear glass look. D.SCF0002_13.jpg

To make the droid's optical eye, I used a piece of chemi-wood. Here is how I prepared it for the lathe. First I made a square rod, then I sanded away the corners of the rod in the belt sander, enough to fit it on the lathe. D.SCF0006_12.jpg

From the square rod, I made a round solid rod. D.SCF0007_12.jpg

At this stage I had cut some depth into it, with the same width as the lens too fit it later. I have also made a hole in the centre, and now I will start working from the inside out. Creating various steps looking like an optical lens. D.SCF0008_11.jpg

After working on the lathe. At this stage, I have also sanded it to a smooth finish. D.SCF0010_11.jpg



Later i'll be using glues and filler to join all bits together. D.SCF0006_13.jpg

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