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head and leg

The leg in nearly completed now. Once its finished, I will make little moulds of all the parts, then enough plastic casts to make 2 legs. Due to its simple, but effective manufacturing construction, I only need to make 1 leg and 1 arm to make a pair of each. DS.CF0008_2.jpg

This will be part of the waist, with a all joint. I will also mould and cast this part in order to make 2, one for each leg. DS.lCF0012_1.jpg

I have also improved the bottom part of the neck. The first one was inaccurate. D.lSCF0001.jpg


I turned the head piece on a lathe with a medium dense foam, later made a keyed silicone skin mould and made a base with 4 walls around it. I poured plaster into it and made a hard plaster block to retain the exact shape of the head, without distorting the flexible silicone skin mould. When the plaster was set I removed the foam head from the mould and poured liquid plastic in it. After removing it from the mould I sanded the inside until its thickness was an even 1.5 cm all around.

The soft foam allowed me to work with it easily, and the mould allowed me to create a thin, light and tough plastic head with the shape that I wanted. DS.lCF0004_3.jpg


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