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Working on the overall shape

Today I feel that I made good progress. Monday or Tuesday I will start shaping the sides. This weekend I will make sure I digest very well all the design possibilities for the sides that I got from my client, Leslie Barany. But I already have a good idea of what Leslie wants.

This little men is trying to show us a sense of scale here. Notice that the shell will be a little higher when the wheels and bogies are fitted, so the train will look a bit higher then. The figure is at 1:25 scale. This is a big sized cargo train. DSCF0009.jpg




I think the 2 pics below attempt to clarify my explanation on my previous post to this one... about shaping a separate piece, then later attaching to become part of the actual shell... and this is a similar approach that I will use to make the sides. 53DSCF0018.jpg 53DSCF0019.jpg

This is my area in the studio, I try to occupy all my wall space with pictures of my current projects, for constant reference while working on them. Downstairs we have a considerably good sized workshop with all the machines required for model making. 53DSCF0003_2.jpg

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  1. Good job son! You are almost there, but still believe you should do if not now sometime in the near future the computer course on special effects or animatronics!Um abracao.

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