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Small details…

The front "spinal" effect is nearly ready to be assembled to the main shell... can't wait to do it!

In the lathe machine... 66DSCF0002.jpg


The spine running under the rings. Some of the rings are not very accurate and I will redo some again. 66DSCF0008_1.jpg

This is one of my references for the middle bit, the grid will be a little different to this... I will show later. 66Engine_Bcopy.jpg


The middle is made of acrylic, I drew it in corel draw, then used the laser cutting machine. 66DSCF0004.jpg

I created a hole/depth in chemi-wood, where the orange bit could fit tight, then used double sided tape. That way I made sure that the orange piece was fixed exactly in the centre, otherwise it wouldn't work! Then I sanded the concave desired to create the same feel that the photo(b&w) below shows. It worked very well! 66DSCF0006.jpg

The orange wheel is the one that I made... The bottom left is the type that I will use in the front bogie, as in b&w photo below (the front four wheels). Even though I am not going to use the other two wheels on the right, they where very important for me, to be able to understand how to make my own wheel. So they where a very good investment, I was just not happy with the way they looked...

This is my final wheel (top left) with the silicone mold (top right) and some resin casts already on the go. Then I only need to "clean" the imperfections on the wheel casts and they are ready! I need 14 of them, and the next step is to create some kind of a hidden chassis to hold the wheels all together under the main shell... and that will fit in the rail section that I bought a while ago. 66DSCF00020_1.jpg

This train is part of the initial reference used to make the very first designs of this train. And these were the kind of wheels that I have been looking for all along, not only they are unusual, they fit a lot better within the lines of this train! I finally got what I wanted! 66train3-copy.jpg


Cool! 66droid.jpg

Working the bits on the lathe... These are the bottom ones, the antennas are made of brass rods. 66DSCF0021.jpg

And the top bits... This pic shows one finished bit which I used as close reference to make sure the other bit would look as identical as possible, just as shown on the pic with the bottom bits above. 66DSCF0019.jpg

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Some individual bits

This is the sliding door detail, there will be a pipe running along the train in that area, I'll be doing that soon. 65DSCF0001_5.jpg

I went to another model shop in Stevenage (KS models) to look for more wheels, I wasn't too happy with the pair I bought initially, I think they were a bit small... I bought a slightly bigger pair, but I don't like the spokes on them, so I'm going to modify the wheels to make them look like the wheels used in the old big American locomotives, I think they're called coggs(?). I'll show it later how I'll do them, what they will look like and where I got the idea from 😉 65DSCF0001_6.jpg

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Train – front

The top 6 sections are casted from a small silicone mold, because according to the drawings, the top six have the same dimensions. The six ones on the bottom half gradually become smaller, so they were all individually made on the lathe machine, before I hand carved them. The middle bits are just temporarily stuck with double sided tape to have an idea of what it may look like later... and to see if they fit well in their designated places.



This one below is an attempt to show how I made the pieces on the lathe machine prior to hand shape them. 64DSCF0003_1.jpg

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detail in the front of the train and finishing bits on the droid

Today I had a very close look at some drawings of the "spine" shaped front detail of the train. I have also figured out how will I make them, in the lathe machine. This is how they look so far...




I also did a quick job on my droid, I've glued and put a long screw across both sides of the waist section seen on the pics below. 63DSCF0007.jpg

... Then I used car body filler to cover the gap, on both sides... 63DSCF0008.jpg

... Then I sanded it smooth, prior to covering it with a light coat of grey primer. 63DSCF0009_1.jpg

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Droid standing pics







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