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Pit droid standing!

Finally, I'm seeing more than 70 individual pieces, all hand made coming together! I must say, it makes me relieved that it's all working well... I have attached 8 screws in total and a few wires in all joints to strengthen the overall structure. 59DSCF0014.jpg 59DSCF0011.jpg

Just a reminder of what he looks like. (my only visual reference too) 59Starwars1-1.jpg

Below shows how I've put the shoulder pieces all together.. 59DSCF0010.jpg

I masked the cylindrical piece with tape to avoid the filler from getting stuck to it. Later I removed the cylindrical piece and sanded the filler smooth prior to super glue the cylinder to the main shoulder bit. 59DSCF0008.jpg

This shows how I've cut a hole in the main shoulder bit. I made the hole bigger, so that I could fill the gap with filler copying the exact shape around the cylindrical bit. 59DSCF0006_5.jpg 59DSCF0005_7.jpg

This shot was taken when I was attaching the aluminum pipe pieces, covered with body filler. Later hand sanded to the required shape. The aluminum is for strength. When the neck piece is fitted to it those pipes I will put a screw across in each side, into the body. 59DSCF0003_6.jpg

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