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All primed and screwed

I've just finished screwing him all up and he is now standing, but it was getting late, so I'll wait for tomorrow to take a nice shot of him in the sun light. I still need to finish the hands to attach them and finish some finer detail bits in the bottom of the head. There in also a small oil cable from the forearm to the shoulder on each side, I also want to do those!

61DSCF0018_1.jpg 61DSCF0017_1.jpg

Below I will try to explain what what really happens underneath that smooth surface. What I had to create as I went along, to make the overall structure as strong as I could, to avoid snapping him, specially whilst traveling. When he's totally finished I will be able to detach him from the base only, thats all. He will become one single piece. So for traveling I will lay him down in a box full of any soft material...

This shows how there will be 2 stong screws securing the shoulder bit to the neck and attached into the body! 61DSCF0020_1.jpg 61DSCF0019_1.jpg

Next it shows the waist bit, very tricky... I used an aluminum rod horizontally. And a big screw going right across the three pieces vertically. The danger is that most of the droid's weight is from the waist up, so this was a crucial part. I had to grind the middle of the aluminum rod so that the crew could go through it where they meet inside, and at the same time it would lock the top of the body from going back and forward. 61DSCF0003.jpg 61DSCF0005_1.jpg

Below sows how I locked the aluminum rod to the top of the body by cutting a ridge in each end of the same aluminum rod. I also cut a ridge with the same diameter as the cut in the aluminum rod in the plastic body. 61DSCF0006.jpg The small brass rod locks the aluminum rod, and the top of the body from moving, ensuring it will be strong! I will glue the small brass rod into the gap before I put a blob of body filler and sand it back to the shape it had before. 61DSCF0009_1.jpg After super gluing the small brass rod into the ridge, I covered it with car body filler... 61DSCF0010_1.jpg ... then I sanded it to the same shape that it had initially, before priming grey... not as easy as it looks! 61DSCF0011_1.jpg

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