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This entry in dedicated to both, the people who helped me throughout my whole degree course, and also dedicated for those who supported me and influenced me in many ways, somewhere along the line. I would have not been able to do it on my own, so I think it's important to mention the people who helped me to make it all possible.

I must emphasize that since my foundation course I was not able to get a student loan, nor any kind of bank credit/overdraft, because I had never had a reliable income before, nor I am a British resident. So even though I have been working part-time to support my studies since foundation course. Before I started my last year of this degree, I asked my mom if I could rely on her, to make sure that I could "survive" my last academic year, without me having to have a part time job, which would interrupt my studies and it would certainly affect my over all quality of work. I could not fit any part time work in my precious time for this last year because I had literally been working since I woke up until I went to sleep from September onwards! So for me it has been a financial struggle from the beginning, which in many ways was a good thing, because I've gained a lot of value, in just the small things around me.

My mother, Guida was my best fan all along, she has made the impossible to help me when I needed most, which in fact, was all the time! Since my foundation course, 4 years ago, she has been supporting me and believing in me in such way that I could not ask for more from her. Without her I would have not been able to do this degree course, and just that says it all.

My grand parents, in goodwill have also been helping me for several years now. They have always been very supportive in what I do, which is a great incentive for me to work hard and show them that their support is being a good influence on my works.

My older and only brother Miguel has helped me more, than any brother out there could which for. In the course of 3 years he has "sponsored" me an Imac which I used for 2 years before I upgraded it to an Ibook (also "sponsored" by him). When I sold the old Imac I bought a car mainly to carry my tools and models around, again, thanks to my bro. He is also the original creator of my weblog, of which now I only need to upload texts and pictures. He also gives me great general advice and helps me out with a lot more.

Also, when my mother was a little "drained" financially, my father has also been a reliable back up, which I couldn't have lived without. Thanks dad 😉

Steffi, thank you for helping me out organizing my portfolio's text layouts ;o) it would have been a mess otherwise... Thanks for helping me with the emails too 😉 xx

Gil and Colin Blanch used to own an architectural model making company for a few decades in London, before they established a small workshop and both started working from home. I learned tremendously when I worked with them part-time as an apprentice through my 1st year of the degree. They were always very kind and took time teaching me basic techniques which I've learnt to develop them. Colin seemed to have a special feeling about me, he was very found of me. Unfortunately he past away last year and since then I am in contact with Gil very often, I'm always keen to ask her for advice on my problem solving quests! Since Colin's death, I feel that I got as very small, big piece of his own very unique, special style of building those beautifully crafted architectural miniature models. He used to have so much attention to tiny details, that one would need to get extremely close actually see what some details depicted. His models where always better than expected, in every model he made, he would put 150% effort and many times. I think what was special about him is that he never really did it for the money, he just loved it!

Since December last year I have been involved in collaboration with Leslie Barany (after some persuasion), working out a design for a train model. Even though he lives at NYC, I was simply stunned by the way we've both developed a great link through an exchange of phone calls and just under 100 emails(!) each containing many pictures with questions, answers, design possibilities and even a few unrelated issues. The efforts and time spent to create this train from both parts, Leslie and I were just inexplicable. I really think that the finished train model reflects all that hard work that we've both put in!

I would also like to thank Roger from Synapse, for letting me use the molding room. Steve also helped me out one night until 11:30pm finishing up the train's silicone mold that I was determined to finish that night at Synapse. He really saved my life, on that very long night!

Thanks to you all, for believing in me and for your individual good hearted contributions, that lead my ambitions to make another one of my many dreams come true :o)

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This is my layout for the assessment. It is hard to find time to set it up when I was finishing my models at the same time, but after the assessment is done we can change it again, before the public exhibition, so I want to rase the hight of the train and maybe put some lighting with couple of big photos of both (train & droid) models, to allow them to be seen from a distance too. I'll think of something.. depends on cash too.




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I have finally finished my degree!!!! There are a couple of things I need to do to the train, I need to finish the front detail of the cock pit and stencil my clients initials on the sides of the train, I also want to weather it. Stenciling the initials will be a crucial thing to do. I did not have enough time nor brains to do it in the last few days. I want these initials to look perfect and if I rushed the job, it could have ended up in a big fuck up! This way I also have more time to discuss with my client the final design that he wants for the initials. I am workin with him on that right now. Though when people see the model, they will think it's finish, but not quite yet. The small changes I need to do will make this train look even better than it already is!! I love it.








The droid looks great too! I simply love all I've done this year! But surely didn't come easy.... I think I've lost a lot of weight with this joke too...






I used a 2 base color scheme for the droid. First I sprayed the whole model with a "dove grey", then I masked the sections to remain grey, only exposing the parts to be sprayed "british racing green". Then, I removed the masking tape and the model had the 2 color scheme done, later I used a small brush to paint some detail on each contrasting color (green on grey & grey on green) before I did some weathering effects.


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Grey primer undercoat




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The cockpit!

The cockpit is now done. It has 2 little men in it, and it's covered by a clear plastic dome. The inside will eventually be black and the people wont be very detailed, so that it doesn't distract from the train it self, the main element.






This is where I've fixed big blobs of body filler, which I then shaped and smoothen them. 77DSCF0009_4.jpg

The aluminum rods and the white plastic bits, I used as some kind of frame to start building with body filler on top. That way I also had the rods as reference to make sure I have the general shape "under control" and knew where to carve away and keep the piece symmetric. 77DSCF0007_5.jpg


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