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Front grid done!

I have finally finished all the "spine" work on the front of the train.

This is very good news, because now I can start thinking of "dressing" the main shell, with all the individual components that I have been working on. I think this will be the most rewarding part, finally seeing everything in one piece!


This is a plastic bit to cover that bottom part of the train, there will be a bigger one on the back, which I will do monday. 71DSCF0005_1.jpg

Here it shows how I made it. First I made a "mother" block with a desired curve I wanted, then I used the vacuum form machine. This machine has strong heaters, enough to be able heat sheets of plastic until they reach flexibility, then press a suction button that vacuums the plastic sheet, until it out lines the shapes of the "mother" block. 71DSCF0001_1.jpg

Here, it shows the cut out that I need for train. 71DSCF0002_1.jpg

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