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The silicone mold

These last 2 days i've been working to my extremes, but I managed to make the whole train's mold in 2 days not bad, but at a cost of about 250! Serious stuff, with no margin for error! All commissioned by my client, which I sincerely appreciate it.

This is my biggest silicone mold I ever did, and it was not an easy job... I am under a lot of pressure, with 8 days to meet my dead line for EVERYTHING that I've been doing and more.. so wont be sleeping well until I finish.... and by the way it's 3:30 am.

Anyways, the main wooden box has a diameter of 700X150X150 cm, of which I basically attached the train inside and poured 16 kilos of silicone inside.

I also made other separate molds of certain parts where there were deep undercuts...

The box sealed, with tape around 73DSCF0004.jpg


The silicone mold of the whole train 73DSCF0006.jpg


The separate mold of the side detail sections 73DSCF0008.jpg

The side/front airflow detail, showing the feed, rod in the middle and the risers in the conners attached to avoid air trapped when casting. I will use clear silicone for these two pieces, so the pieces will be visible when I open the mold, the tape with a blue line around around is to ensure a decent seam line and to avoid cutting into the object, when I cut the mold open with a scalpel knife. Ideally the mold for the train would have been with clear silicone, but that would have double the price of the job. These little pieces were very delicate and required some special attention, so I used the clear stuff! 73DSCF0013_1.jpg

The box, ready to pour the silicone 73DSCF0014_1.jpg

The clear silicone is already in, with a label embedded, pretty cool! 73DSCF0001_1.jpg

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