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Top spine & side pipe holder

The fun part has started, putting it together, it's a great feeling and a sense of relief, that everything until now is going according to plan.

The top section of the pipe 74DSCF0011_3.jpg

These are the bits that go on the end of the spine on the top and on the bottom of the spine. Done on the lathe machine. The bigger one is for the top part, and the smaller for the bottom 74DSCF0004_13.jpg

On the lathe, scoring the lines with a scalpel attached to the machine, tiny stuff! 74DSCF0003_14.jpg

The side pipe holder (the pipe will be there soon) 74DSCF0021_1.jpg





When I removed the master piece from the clear silicone mold, the pieces broke in several parts, they where very fragile. So I simply casted another pair by injecting liquid plastic into the mold again. The casts are a lot stronger than the original pieces that I originally carved and they fit exactly on the train just like the originals did, that silicone is great stuff! 74DSCF0018_2.jpg


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