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The base

The base was done by covering it with a layer of PVA glue and pour sand all over it. Once the glue dried I blew the loose sand off the base, I repeated that process 3 times in total. Later I painted it black and sanded the top of the rails to show the shiny metal again, contrasting it nicely with the base. I still need to take that dull black away, by giving it some quick weathering effects to enhance the 3 dimensionality of the ground, with a few paint washers, chalk pastels in powder and some dry brushing...

I went to London to get some 1:50 scale people which I am going to attempt sticking them in the train's cockpit, with the purpose of showing the scale of the train. It's supposedly a very big locomotive, and the little people will show that effect. I'll do the cockpit tonight...







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