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Front grid done!

I have finally finished all the "spine" work on the front of the train.

This is very good news, because now I can start thinking of "dressing" the main shell, with all the individual components that I have been working on. I think this will be the most rewarding part, finally seeing everything in one piece!


This is a plastic bit to cover that bottom part of the train, there will be a bigger one on the back, which I will do monday. 71DSCF0005_1.jpg

Here it shows how I made it. First I made a "mother" block with a desired curve I wanted, then I used the vacuum form machine. This machine has strong heaters, enough to be able heat sheets of plastic until they reach flexibility, then press a suction button that vacuums the plastic sheet, until it out lines the shapes of the "mother" block. 71DSCF0001_1.jpg

Here, it shows the cut out that I need for train. 71DSCF0002_1.jpg

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A good day today


I made a "chassis" where all the wheels will eventually be attached with simple brass axles going across from wheel to wheel. I am happy so far, lets see how far I can get until the end of the week.

I'm planning to make the silicone mold over the whole main shell very soon, for possible replicas in the future, as required from my client. For the Silicone mold, I have contacted a friend of mine who has about 10 year of experience making molds, so I'm quite keen to see him for some good advice soon!

Anyways... this is the chassis and by the end of the week I want to have a few other bits finished. 70DSCF0008.jpg


DROID The droid is finally completed, which really gives me a sense of relief!! Now all I need to do is the painting job on it. 70DSCF0012.jpg

The hands (finally!) 70DSCF0013.jpg

This is a piece to cover the bottom of the head and to also give it more volume. I may also make some joints "alike" bits, but I have other priorities at this moment and the problem now is time... meaning that could have put a lot more detail into it, but now I feel that I'm "gambling" with time, so I have to be cautious in my next moves! Dead line is on the 21st.... 70DSCF0005_1.jpg

This is the pice still in the lathe machine, where I made it! 70DSCF0001_5.jpg

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Front grid and overall bits

Nothing is yet attached to the main shell, though these pics below show all the individual pieces that I have been working on, like the top air flow detail... 69DSCF0007_1.jpg




This is how use filler in the gaps of each rod, then filed the gaps until the smooth required shape with a round needle file.

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I glued one rod to check how I will be doing the others ones underneath and aslo to see if it really works... I think it's working cool though! I still need to fill the gap underneath the rod like the predominant filled gap above. The rods will eventually become part of the surface of the train, just like my client asked for. 68DSCF0006_1.jpg

FINISHING DROID's ANTENNAS Below shows how I masked the antenna bit and the droid's head to avoid the filler from getting stuck to them. Then, I used car body filler in the gap between the the head and the antenna bit. 68DSCF0001_4.jpg

After removing the masking tape and sanding away the unwanted filled, I'm left with a nice clean line between the antenna bit and the head. 68.DSCF0002.jpg

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Wheels all sorted

I just need to clean up some unwanted imperfections on the casts, then they are ready to be sprayed with a "gun metal" color. The small wheels will be used for the front bogie, the big ones will be used in all the other rear wheels. 67DSCF0001_3.jpg

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