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Drink works job

I've just finished a contract this week helping "Drink Works" company. Making a few different bottle design prototypes to present to their clients for discussion. Enjoyed using their workshop and much of the work was using a lathe to "turn" the bottles and after some hand carving and add ons to create the required detail.

This was my first involvement with Drink Works and I'm happy to have been given such opportunity. It's been a pleasure to work with them and he future is bright for future work to come from them. I look forward to working with them again!

Today I have a meeting with Pierre and Rawia in regards to starting an architectural model to finish by next Friday. It's a tight schedule. Although I'm pleased to get involved with them, also for the first time. My journey to grow my client list has certainly growing and so far I have only had positive feedback, which helps to keep going with this same determined and positive attitude and hopefully evolve by nurturing this small corporate journey that I'm currently faced with.

Making a bottle design prototype

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