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Using car Body Filler and Chemiwood to make models

I feel like starting to post some model making techniques that I have learnt over the years.

This post will explain briefly one of many ways of how I use body filler and chemiwood often to create positive and negative shapes that key in perfectly with each other.

In this example below I used chemiwood as a foundation to make that wrapping element, also used magic tape to seal the main block to make sure that eventually the filler doesn't stick to to the solid blocks, the I started filling the wrapping piece and after I was able to remove the the two pieces apart. When I then sculpted the wrapping piece and finished it accordingly. At that point I removed the tape from the main block and the wrapping piece fitted exactly around the blocks, thanks to the car body filler that filled all the gaps. The tape made sure the didn't stick together, which allowed me to finish the wrapping piece without the main blocks being in the way!

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  1. Its nice idea for me to incorporate making models

  2. Nice to know that these posts can be inspiring for other fellow creatives.. 🙂

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