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Progressive aftermath!

From setting up my modelshop nice and tidy, ready to build a model for a very tight schedule.. and finally the result of how the place looked immediately after we completed the model! Now I've got some serious cleaning to do.. Ouch!

Realistically I needed 2 weeks to build this model, but I only had 5 days total and still receiving drawings in the last couple days.. In those conditions I was able to complete 90% of the model.. It was a very tough position to be in, because I either refuse the job since I will not be working to my ideal conditions and could't guarantee a complete model, in which the client gets no model. Or we both compromise... I did warn the client that we may need to accept some sacrifices and made him well aware of the circumstances. I would also doubt that any other more 'orthodox' model making companies would even accept such "impossible" brief considering the time schedule. I do have to mention that the client were superb to work with and they very supportive throughout the process. Full thumbs up to everyone who helped at Mixity!

The model will now serve its propose in the short term but I also have agreed to get the model back in my shop to finish it properly as soon as possible! In the the end this will be a beautiful model by the way.. With lights, patinated brass etchings and interesting architecture to mention some features.. It's all there, I just need to "polish" some edges.. 🙂

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