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Grandpa’s Cemetery Visit

My Granddad still is the sweetest guys I have known.. and since it's Christmas time and we went to visit his grave I got a tingle of nostalgia in the back of my spine and some childhood memories came to life today. I'm so pleased that I got to meet him rather well growing up next to him as well as my mom, grandma and my older brother. I'm lucky to have learnt about his very ambitious yet humble past and general approach to life by cherishing to the highest rank, the most simple things in life. Spending time as an old man can be tedious and daunting if you have nothing to do, but he always had stuff to do! Like.. growing strawberries, grape vines, carrots, cabbages, oranges, bananas, plums, lemons, all sorts of herbs and loved to grow aloe vera as a medicinal plant and which him and my granny used very often.. This is only to mention a few things off the top of my head.. Not to mention how he loved animals and always had dogs, used to feed a small clan of free pigeons by having a little house for them to chill in our garden, always filled with the finest corn in their own food trays. Every year he would cage the pigeons in his car boot and would drive around 2 hours aways from our house, he would set the pigeons free and would drive back home. Those same pigeons would not take long to find their way back Home and would return home before my granddad even got back.. I think that's pretty cool.. He did a lot more than that though! But I would struggle to mention everything here..

He was always kind and fair to everyone and therefore everyone had a natural tendency to have a lot of admiration for him and I see that virtue as a good 'karma' lesson. Looking back now I really appreciate having learnt how to be close to nature, also preparing, cooking and eating the food that you grow resulting in being self sufficient to an extent. And at the same time being close to nature and keeping your self busy in a peaceful healthy way.

He had a simple yet busy life in his last couple of decades which I think from his perspective he also enjoyed, close to his wife, daughter and seeing his grandchildren growing up around him while he kept him self busy in his very lively garden and never in anyones way.. he's taught me valuable old school tricks! Which I now embrace very much, specially looking at our more modern yet unsustainably fake plastic life we all seem to be entangled in right now!! I think it still is important to remind ourselves of the old ways.. Because apart from laptops, "iPods and iPads" we should still embrace the old ways and the simple things that are more natural in our lives, blending the best of both! Technology and tradition. We shouldn't allow ourselves to be so overwhelmingly distracted by technology alone. Otherwise we are only distancing ourselves from what we really are as Nature's beings.

Ironically I would not be surprised if the old ways will eventually become the new ways of life sometime in the near future, when we all realise that the way things work NOW don't actually work.. It's just.. How long is it going to take, or how far do we need to go, for us realise that!?

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  1. how beautiful! yesss you could go on and on…but I would just like to mention that even though he didn’t have much schooling he could speak Spanish, English and French…but above all he was a very polite Gentleman!

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