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Nanotechnology meets Surrealism

Day 1&2

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Studio set up to start painting again!

I've been arranging things in my workshop so that I can start painting again.

Without putting much pressure on myself I'm going to see what happens.. Ideas aren't scarce in my mind and I already have a handful of things that I can see myself Exploring and evolving into what will become my own visions of a post human society, or perhaps exploring a world that we may never experience! I love the uncertainty of many different possible results. It gives us room to be creative, allowing us to examine different possibilities and explore our selves from within.

These paintings or creative studies at their core concept consist of nanotechnology, which may one day allow us to create virtually anything from the ground up and most probably using nothing more than natural resources. For this to move at full speed ahead though, it may depend in the convergence of many other technologies to complement and share their different background knowledge and work harmoniously with each other for the same end result. Industries such as mechanical engineering, biology, biotechnology, anthropology, agriculture, computer science are only but a few of many industries that will be an influence in developing new advanced approaches into nanotechnology, though they will need to work together to make it happen, a movement called nano-convergence. Only then, when most if not all the technical and creative industries merge and start working for the same goal, perhaps then we will see nanotechnology moving at full speed ahead! Resulting in profound influences in the way we live and in the way we interact with each other and see the world around us. It would be so big that it would shake to the core our own humanistic foundations.

One of the bigger problems we face though is the monetary limitation, which makes everything move much slower. The monetary interests in specialized industries, which greedily develop nano tech stuff purely with massive profits in mind, keeping "us" blind of experiments for their own interests and profits. Potential profits between establishments or laboratories which research similar subjects, also results in confidentiality issues between companies developing such concepts. But in reality these institutions should all be working along each other, together for the same goals and not competing against each other, which greatly limits potentials and resources to reach end results. Another clash that nano tech stuff has against today's monetary systems is that nano tech concepts work against the monetary system effortlessly. Nanotechnology would bring abundance in all aspects of our lives as well as the world around us.... But in today's "right frame of mind" who want to spend so much money developing something that creates abundance. When abundance does not generate profits? I see it as a cat and mouse game for now.. And we need to go beyond this way of thinking. While money rules, nano tech stuff will move slow. But when nanotechnology arrives, we will all know about it!! Regardless of any monetary barriers.

Just in the same way that Nicola Tesla strongly believed he could generate free energy to the whole world (and he claimed he already knew how to). Although from that point that he proudly announced such concept, his main sponsor JP Morgan stopped commissioning him to develop such “ludicrous” ideas and discredited him with the fear of massive profit losses over huge monetary investments. In a similar manner I see that if an institution or individual brakes the ice today with nanotechnology to start creating amazing things effortlessly and virtually out of nothing without interests to make any profits, like in Tesla's experience, there could be lions knocking at their door. But I think that by then there will be too many preys to catch! As I believe nanotechnology will soon be too big to stop as it naturally works as its own self, or like a self-replicating virus, which is already strongly embedded in the zeitgeist of our own society. There are too many people and institutions to try and stop now and too much interest from too many directions. It’s already working for what it teaches, it’s like a virus self replicating its potencials and possibilities to wider audiences, specially in this information revolution currently in motion. This is triggering peoples minds to discover on a more personal level but collectively, exploring and reaching the “impossible” through genuine interest and hunger for a better, brighter and much more natural world, as we all struggle to accept today’s reality which is rotten, a fake plastic world that we seem to be wrapped up and suffocating in, without almost realizing.
Life and our environment should mean more, much more to us as natural human beings and I don’t believe that we are too many in this world or there’s not enough food to go round. We are simply not putting enough resources into tackling these issues. I have not doubt that we could discover solutions for such mundane problems that should have been resolved a long time ago if we stopped conflicting with each other and work together to resolve such critical problems that scar our karma as human beings of this world that belongs to all living organisms.

There could be interesting times ahead though, for me with my art and for this world as a whole! I like to explore the uncertain matter, where there could be many endings for the same story or even an endless story of different possibilities.

I have been reading stuff about nanotechnology since I was introduced to a book by an amazing sculptor at "Artem" a visual effects company where I worked for a while as an apprentice model maker in 2002. Since then ideas have been brewing in my grey mass and I never lost interest in this matter, much the opposite, it always fascinates me when I start thinking of the possibilities. It’s amazing how it’s moved on in the past 10 years though! When the time is right, I will lose my self in my own surrealist futuristic world where neither nanotechnology nor my airbrush have boundaries and they will meet and dwell to create visions of how these concepts could affect us and the world around us! What things may look like and how they could be organically grown to create virtually anything, from gigantic structures stronger than anything we imagine today, via natural resources. To growing extremely high protein food, enabling us to live virtually on an apple a day. How would this affect or greatly improve the quality of life in 3rd world countries by tackling famine to its core. How we could live in a pollution free world through adapting some of these technologies.

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Branding / Marketing for Scales & Models

I've just received my Vista Print order! I got a free small banner and 2 mugs, with my purchase for 2 different post cards and a new business card. Cool! 🙂


Alex James – Distil Ennui

I've been commissioned by Alex to make a few pieces to help him with his next installation.

He's got some lovely work, check him out!


Gerry Judah

I've been involved with Gerry making a 1:50 scale sculpture for his new piece at the Goodwood festival. I think his works are awesome and even better to see the huge scale that he works in. Check out his paintings too in the link below! 😉


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