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Liquid City One

This is the first piece completed. The idea is to have 11 different 'one off' versions of Liquid Cities. At the moment I only have moulds of London to play with, so this collection will be based around a few different London Landmarks and different "pouring" liquid effects with different variations vibrant pigments. I want to use this first version conceptually, as a foundation to further develop and find more interesting ways of representing this same concept for the next 10 versions for the Liquid Cities collection.

I've had this idea for a few years now and came to me when I was working on the "50th anniversary Pantone chair" project. This piece was initially an experiment I did back then. But since then this piece always stayed close to me. Now that this piece is complete I want to use this same original idea as a 'launch pad' to make another 10 different pieces, not as tests this time, but with a finished product purpose in mind.

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