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Stratford 2012 Limited Edition Collection Series

I have just recently finished these pieces as a celebration for the 2012 Olympic Games in London, Stratford. As "London 2012" is heavily copyrighted.. I decided to name the pieces "Stratford 2012" instead.

It's a limited edition of 500x white, 500x gold, 500x Silver and 500x bronze, following the themes of the Olympic medal finishes.

I will be developing a few other models of this style, hopefully to attempt creating a branding and product to eventually sell in larger orders, to design shops and any individual who may be interested in collecting these rather personal pieces. Other sites in mind are Waterloo, London Bridge, the City.. And many others! I could go on forever in fact.. I also feel that this contemporary look is a fresh approach to traditional

I do want to retain this same feel on all future models, creating a family of models which become a collection of limited edition pieces by Ruben Marcos and sponsored by Scales & Models.

Looking forward to starting my next next model.

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