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Arch 12 Raymouth Road SE16 2DB

Scales & Models "Chapter 2"

Welcome to Arch 12, Raymouth Road, SE16!

The arch will be shared by 3 companies, Scales & Models, Laser Cut Works and a new reprographics company. We hope to amalgamate our services and offer a wider spectrum of options and creative services and advice to our clients.

This place, in time and perseverance.. WILL be an influence in making SE16 a more vibrant creative area. We will be creating art gallery space at the front entrance of the arch, which will benefit from a double height ceiling (5.5m tall). We will also be organising "creative" community events to draw in like minded people, enabling the ARCH to become a creative rendezvous for all kinds of designers, photographers, architects, fine artists...

Look out for the interior design layout inside the arch.. We will be installing a mezzanine level which will add another 140sqm to the already existing 200sqm on the ground floor! Here, space will not be an issue!! 🙂

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