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London Design Festival – Vera Chapter 2 KM & EM

London Design Festival Brompton Design District September 2012 17-09-12

Collaboration with Kirsty Minns. The brief included an image of Vera eating some candy floss by the sea side in Brighton. Kirsty handed to me a ceramic pot made by another artisan and requested to have a pot handle made to resemble the typical sea side colourful candy that is usually sold by the coasts of the UK. Colourful and swirly..


Markenfilm Crossing – Karcher tv ad

Recently worked on a commission job for Markenfilm Crossing, one of.. If not the largest film production for advertising in Germany, based in Hamburg. The work is currently confidential so obviosly I can't show anything here. But a very interesting project indeed and lovely people working in the team. I worked more closely with UK based director Thomas Krygier and German based producer Christine-Marie Gardeweg.

I hope we can work again in the future making some more exciting and cool looking tv props! 🙂