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Arch Collective – In the making…

In the past few days Daniel (Lasercut Works) and my self (Scales & Models) have collectively been working on transforming the front space of the Arch into an art gallery space. We have named it the "Arch Collective"! This is a partnership project which is being funded by each of our separate companies, together we've come up with this art gallery space to hopefully bring some much needed colour into the Bermondsey area.

This business as a "collective" concept started early in 2012 and finally it's all coming to fruition, it's very exciting to see the progress and I can't wait to see it all polished up now! Nearly there, just a few more hard working days to go..

The "Arch Collective" Gallery should hopefully become a positive influence to Bermondsey's bright future ahead and all together encourage a more creative environment to SE16! 12 Raymouth Road already offers creative services such as sculpting, prototyping, prop making, architectural model making, laser cutting, vinyl printing, posters, banners...... and very, very soon it will also be offering an art gallery space!

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