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1st head sulpture

I will be sending photos of this project's progress until the present day. From then on, I will use it as a diary. Unfortunately I only started this blog now, so there is a lot of catching up to do!

I think that it's best to show the first stages of the project, for it all to make sense later.

Below is my first head sculpture for the project, in July '03 I started doing some things for the project. Including this head which is too cat alike, with not much to do with bats. Though, at this stage I had not yet done a very extensive visual research on the subject. So it was just to get me started. I used An oil based clay.(chavant, soft)



Why am I doing this?


Welcome everybody!

I am a model-design last year student, at the University of Hetfordshire. My purpose with this web log is to create a diary. An informal, personal diary showing my project's progress. It's compulsory to keep a record of what really happens throughout the project. Given the opportunity to edit my own weblog(thanks to my brother!). I think it's a great idea, for this weblog to become part of my project!

Here it goes!

I started this project at university at the end of Sept 03. Deadline was at the end of Jan 04.

This project is about creating a metamorphosis, between a human and a bat. The initial idea was taken from a design by H.R.Giger, for the film "The Tourist", the Hollywood story written by Clair Noto, which unfortunately was never released in 1982.

My project proposal was only based on that design by Giger, it will have very few, if any of its individual visual elements, though the overall figure might just show some resemblances. I researched, to find images of bats as well as human anatomy and even flying squirrels, horses and monkeys legs. Then, I will study them, and decide which elements in each pic have qualities that I may extract for my own creature. This creature from now on will have a name, the Tourist. The name not only comes from the film, but for the simple fact that he is not from here.

The purposes that could apply to this model and the reason why I did this creature in particular:

  • Promotional purposes - Could be seen at the entrance of a cinema, backed up with a massive advert poster from the film "The Tourist" behind it.

  • Concept model - the procedures that I am taking, making various mock models. If one could imagine various people fabricating creatures, not like mine, but that could adhere to the same environment. Then one could think of developing that further, until maybe a film is created. So this creature could become a future character, belonging in an ideal environment amongst other creatures from the same world. Who knows?

At this stage, for my project I have made many scaled down, sketch models of all parts of the creature's body. I have also decided on the size for the final piece and have made the frame. The size is 1.9m wing span and 1.5m body length.

Anyways, it all becomes boring and dull when written, so next I will show a photographic inventory of the progress, sketches, tests, materials used, sculptures... I will be updating this weblog as I go along, that way I hope to keep track of it until the completion of the model.