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Priming, sanding, priming…



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The arm is ready for casting a replica, to make the opposite side. 40DSCF0002.jpg

The eye fits pretty well on its head for now. 40DSCF0006.jpg

I used an off cut with the same radius as the optical eye, to avoid damaging the actual eye. Covered it with glossy tape to avoid the filler from sticking to it. 40DSCF0004.jpg

I have changed the neck for the 3rd time... after watching the movie I realized that the folded section was a lot shorter than I previously had before. 40DSCF0006_1.jpg

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Most parts ready…

I have most of the pieces required to complete the droid now, except for the hands. Now I only need to join some bits together and then I will make 2 moulds of the arm and two of the leg (divided in the elbow and in the knee), they both will be divided in 2 for casting , so that later I can glue them in different positions.

Casting some bits for the opposite side in fast cast resin, from silicone moulds. 39DSCF0001_2.jpg

This is the cast when the resin sets, about 10 min later, with the master piece on the right. This is the "hip" joint part... 39DSCF0018_1.jpg

I made the top part of the arm in 3 parts as seen, I used the lathe machine to make the cylinder bit and the rest, I mostly used sanding blocks and the belt sander. 39DSCF0001_3.jpg


The "elbow" joint, was very difficult to see in detail due to the quality of the drawings I have, but here it goes.. I used the lathe and later the milling machine. 39DSCF0002_2.jpg


These are the droid's parts on a wooden board, which I use to transport the parts with me, from machine to machine in the workshop. To keep the correct proportions, and make sure that all parts fit to each other. I used with me at all times, the droid's drawings and the parts already done. So that I could compare everything I had. 39DSCF0012_1.jpg

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head and leg

The leg in nearly completed now. Once its finished, I will make little moulds of all the parts, then enough plastic casts to make 2 legs. Due to its simple, but effective manufacturing construction, I only need to make 1 leg and 1 arm to make a pair of each. DS.CF0008_2.jpg

This will be part of the waist, with a all joint. I will also mould and cast this part in order to make 2, one for each leg. DS.lCF0012_1.jpg

I have also improved the bottom part of the neck. The first one was inaccurate. D.lSCF0001.jpg


I turned the head piece on a lathe with a medium dense foam, later made a keyed silicone skin mould and made a base with 4 walls around it. I poured plaster into it and made a hard plaster block to retain the exact shape of the head, without distorting the flexible silicone skin mould. When the plaster was set I removed the foam head from the mould and poured liquid plastic in it. After removing it from the mould I sanded the inside until its thickness was an even 1.5 cm all around.

The soft foam allowed me to work with it easily, and the mould allowed me to create a thin, light and tough plastic head with the shape that I wanted. DS.lCF0004_3.jpg


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After using the belt sander and some sanding blocks... ,DSCF0008_3.jpg

This below will be part of the joint of its waist. A bit like a ball socket! ,DSCF0002_5.jpg

Here is the "calf muscle", I shaped it in the belt sander and part of the knee joint which was done on the lathe machine. ,DSCF0005_5.jpg

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