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The neck will be mostly done on the lathe machine. dgCF0002.jpg


Later I will attach all bits together, and then use filler where required. dgCF0004_2.jpg

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Progress so far…

I have made a master toe from acrylic and some filler, then I sanded it to a smooth finish. D.SCFl0001.jpg

On the right is the finished master toe, then its cast in fast cast resin. And the silicone mould on the left. Later I will cast 4 identical toes, 2 for each foot. D.SCF0002_12.jpg

The body was carved out of a medium density foam. Then it was primed various times until a smooth finish was obtained. Later I will cast it in resin, to make strong solid piece. D.SCF0004_11.jpg

The lens was made from a clear acrylic, thick rod. Worked on the lathe, sanded to its appropriate concave shape and then polished to a crystal clear glass look. D.SCF0002_13.jpg

To make the droid's optical eye, I used a piece of chemi-wood. Here is how I prepared it for the lathe. First I made a square rod, then I sanded away the corners of the rod in the belt sander, enough to fit it on the lathe. D.SCF0006_12.jpg

From the square rod, I made a round solid rod. D.SCF0007_12.jpg

At this stage I had cut some depth into it, with the same width as the lens too fit it later. I have also made a hole in the centre, and now I will start working from the inside out. Creating various steps looking like an optical lens. D.SCF0008_11.jpg

After working on the lathe. At this stage, I have also sanded it to a smooth finish. D.SCF0010_11.jpg



Later i'll be using glues and filler to join all bits together. D.SCF0006_13.jpg

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My next project

For this project, I have chosen to make a model of a cleaning droid, used in the pod races in Starwars episode 1, the phantom menace. They were many of them in the pits and around the racing venue and they were designed to clean the debris from the floor when accidents occurred. They also do general maintenance of the big pod-racing engines.

The model should be around 45 cm in height.




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