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Alex James – Distil Ennui

I've been commissioned by Alex to make a few pieces to help him with his next installation.

He's got some lovely work, check him out!


Gerry Judah

I've been involved with Gerry making a 1:50 scale sculpture for his new piece at the Goodwood festival. I think his works are awesome and even better to see the huge scale that he works in. Check out his paintings too in the link below! 😉


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Mixity Architects, London

I am pleased to say that I have recently completed a long waited model. A modern art Gallery in Kuwait also used as a public space and a vibrant cultural arts hub. Photos are still under wraps, but as soon as I get the go ahead I will post some images.


Last week at Drink Works + S&M ltd

Last week I've been pretty busy making an architectural scale model at 1/500 scale for an architect client of mine as well as I was involved making some prototyped enclosures for a German branded drink. Using a milling machine, which was nice as I haven't used one in a while! But also using processes such as tool making for vac forming, moulding and casting, paint effects.. Interesting varied work in short. The pics I will post are not being too revealing, this is all confidential stuff until it hits the market.


Sophie Boswell

Just recently completed a frame commissioned by Sophie Boswell. Since most picture frames I've made so far are black in colour, here I take the chance to show a white frame finished in gloss white.