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New services trial.. offering bespoke art frames and exhibition stands.

This weekend I have been thinking to offer a new line of services or products through Scales & Models building custom art frames, exhibition stands, plinths and baseboards for acrylic presentation cases. I can easily make any of the above to any size, shape and finish required... So in the next few weeks I will be promoting these services to Art galleries, students and artists in general as an attempt to expand the services that Scales & Models can provide to clients.


Architectural scale model – Facade study

Last week I made an architectural scale model of a facade study, which had to be made in just under a couple of days to be presented for a client meeting. It certainly was a quick and cost effective model which tells the whole story without imposing a high costs to the client. 1/200 scale.


New company website launched!

Specialised in scale models, props, miniature set design, prototypes, sculpture, moulding and casting and some others.

for more info and pictures of examples please follow the link below: