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Started work at Allies and Morrison

Since March 2005, I have started work at Allies and Morrison Architects as a model maker. Some of the work we do include making sketch/working models. To help architects visualize their ideas in 3D and enabling them to develop their designs further. We also make final presentation models. Usually used within exhibition layouts or in meetings with clients. Sometimes we have to digest a few master plan models too... Though, more fun can be in the last stages of a design, when the model can usually be done with more care and attention.

I should hopefully post some images in the near future. But I need to ask for the company's permission due to confidentiality purposes.


“The world according to H.R.Giger” – Paris

The train model was delivered to H.R.Giger and Leslie Barany on the 15th of September 2004 at the opening of "the world according to H.R.Giger", a retrospective of his artwork at the Museum Halle St. Pierre in Paris, France.

IMG_1518.jpg Leslie Barany - H.R.Giger - Ruben Marcos





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“Charlie and the chocolate factory”

Since the completion of my course. From July to November 2004, I was involved in the props and miniature departments for "Charlie and the chocolate factory". A Warner Brothers film, directed by Tim Burton, which should hit the box office in July 2005. I will be posting some production pictures a little later. It's confidential stuff for the moment...

If you are interested in watching the preview of the film, I left a link below:



Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – miniatures

Last year, I was employed in the miniatures department as a model maker for 6 months at Shepperton studios in South East London. My work involved dressing the chocolate factory with pipes, parapets, windows, bricks, fitting the towers and a lot of other random jobs. I also worked with a large number of people finishing the miniature village that surrounds the factory. Making and fitting garden walls sheds as well as painting and aging them and a lot more... There was a lot of work to be done!


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – props

Now that the film is finally out. I hope I won't get into trouble by posting a few pictures showing the making of some parts of the film, when I was involved in its production last year. For the props departments, I worked together in a team, finishing up most candy trees, joining branches together adding lollipops on trees... Overall It was very hard working, but I must say that it is pretty amazing when I got to see these trees 'planted' in Willy Wonka's magical garden, surrounded by a giant chocolate water fall, giant mushrooms and a lot more crazy stuff!! This magical garden was built in the bond stage at Pinewood studios. The biggest studio for film making in Europe so far... And its size it's truly overwhelming!