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Cutting the sides & bottom

At this point forget the unwanted holes all over the model. I had to screw it onto a base to meticulously cut the sides/bottom/top on the milling machine. The holes can easily be filled...

This is a front view showing the symmetric curve on the the middle ridge. I will later attach a separate long block in the middle of that ridge to create the curve that I need to do. A bit like I am going to do on the sides (check below). 52DSCF0003_1.jpg

I have also cut the sides and made the blocks that will fit in the holes I've cut. I will be able to sculpt those blocks separately, cut into them or even add more material. When I finish creating the desired shapes in those blocks, I will glue them and blend them into the shell.

This way I hope to be as flexible as I can in comunicating my ideas, I will only glue the side shapes that I've mentioned above once Leslie is happy with the results. Though, there is a dead line to meet of course. But this way I will make sure that he is satisfied with the side cuts when I permanently glue them. It will be very hard to go back at that stage!




This is a shot showing all the additional work done on the bottom of the shell. I have narrowed the side walls and made quite nice round edged walls on the rear. It might not even be seen, but to me it resembles the same qualities found on the top middle ridge... That's not the best example, but that's what I will have to do throughout the whole model. Find a consistency of visual elements that compliment each other. Just like that curved rear piece and the top middle ridge... 52DSCF0008.jpg

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changes in the design

...Back on the machines to change a few things, after a few days of trying to figure out the design with Leslie Barany, H.R.Giger's agent and close friend. I think the train will look great with the new changes in the design.

The most important and challenging part of this project, is not only to have a good quality finished model. It is also about redesigning a whole train from various different design sources. So I am not making a model from one specific source of drawings.

Because of that, I am very often in contact with Leslie Barany via email discussing possibilities. Exchanging pics or talking by phone, asking him which elements of each design does he want me to incorporate into this model. It is great to have so many different good drawings and pick the best of each design to make a model. Leslie is being extremely cooperative, spending a lot of time trying to figure this dilemma with me and that is great because it makes me enthusiastic and all I want is see good results!


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This is the one originally drawn for the train 50Engine_wheels.jpg

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