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This sketch model was created at the start of October, after quite a lot of research backing up what I was doing. This is at the start of my final year. When the project is realy meant to start.

This mock was done in card board, with galvanised wire glued on the back to allow me to bend it and change position slightly. The wings are made of tracing paper.

For this simple model I intended to make it from soft materials, because they are easy and quick to shape. So I got a very good first view of my own creature in no time!




1st frame

This was my first frame for the sculpture, also done in July. I used aluminium square wire. I intended to use this frame as my final one, but that idea did not last long...



1st wing test

This is when things became a little more interesting. In July I was working at Artem, as a freelance foam technician, for the pre-production of the film "Brothers Grimm" directed by Terry Guilliam. So, I had the chance to have a chat about these initial stages of my project to a few sculpurers and mould makers working there. Stan Mitchell, the head of sculpture borrowed me a couple of books about bats. There it started my visual research! Then, I asked mould makers Raj and Jimmy for some advice on the best way to mould this wing sculpture that I had done. They gave me some key tips, and from then on, during my lunch breaks at Artem, I was busy making a two part mould in polyester resin of my first wing sculpture.

After the mould was done, I made 2 or 3 casts in polyerster resin, gel coat... I realized that the wing was too broad, the bat's wings are, thin, strong but thin like paper! Then luckly Chris (Fitzpatrick) came along and gave me the advice of using only 1 part of the 2 part mould and cover it with a layer of gel coat resin, then another layer of glass fibre tissue embeded in resin to create a membrane like texture and give it strenght, but at the same time alsmost as thin as paper!

This photo below is the result of that advice I got from Chris. And eventhough I am not using this design for my final model. This was a very big step in my early stages, because I will use a similar technique. We'll see that later.



Above is a simple image created with photoshop. Trying to join all the elements that I had done at that stage.


The photo above shows the making of the two part mould for the wing


2nd head sculpture

This is my second unsuccessful sculpture. Here I tried to create a femail's head, but I don't like it at all!! This was also in July. I used water based clay for this head. It was a good try, even though I don't like it...



1st head sulpture

I will be sending photos of this project's progress until the present day. From then on, I will use it as a diary. Unfortunately I only started this blog now, so there is a lot of catching up to do!

I think that it's best to show the first stages of the project, for it all to make sense later.

Below is my first head sculpture for the project, in July '03 I started doing some things for the project. Including this head which is too cat alike, with not much to do with bats. Though, at this stage I had not yet done a very extensive visual research on the subject. So it was just to get me started. I used An oil based clay.(chavant, soft)