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Markenfilm Crossing – Karcher tv ad

Recently worked on a commission job for Markenfilm Crossing, one of.. If not the largest film production for advertising in Germany, based in Hamburg. The work is currently confidential so obviosly I can't show anything here. But a very interesting project indeed and lovely people working in the team. I worked more closely with UK based director Thomas Krygier and German based producer Christine-Marie Gardeweg.

I hope we can work again in the future making some more exciting and cool looking tv props! 🙂


Arch 12 Update – Scales & Models + Lasercut Works + Sticky Cut Prints

Here goes a few updated pictures of the new studio/workshop premises. All is taking shape here. We have now built phase one of the mezzanine which will allow us to create a partition wall between my workshop and the rest of the arch, more on that soon.. But basically my place can get really messy..


United Visual Artists – Scale Model commission

I've been involved in a project for UVA in the past few weeks. An interactive architectural installation project, which required a scale model to study its form and shape. To be built in Toronto, Canada.


Arch 12 Raymouth Road SE16 2DB

Scales & Models "Chapter 2"

Welcome to Arch 12, Raymouth Road, SE16!

The arch will be shared by 3 companies, Scales & Models, Laser Cut Works and a new reprographics company. We hope to amalgamate our services and offer a wider spectrum of options and creative services and advice to our clients.

This place, in time and perseverance.. WILL be an influence in making SE16 a more vibrant creative area. We will be creating art gallery space at the front entrance of the arch, which will benefit from a double height ceiling (5.5m tall). We will also be organising "creative" community events to draw in like minded people, enabling the ARCH to become a creative rendezvous for all kinds of designers, photographers, architects, fine artists...

Look out for the interior design layout inside the arch.. We will be installing a mezzanine level which will add another 140sqm to the already existing 200sqm on the ground floor! Here, space will not be an issue!! 🙂


Startjudge Gill – Barclays Props (Westfield branch)

Here I have a couple of props that I've made in early July for the Barclays Stratford Branch inside the Westfield shopping centre. These were made in preparation for the Olympics 2012 here in London as a marketing strategy inside the bank branch. Working in collaboration with Start JudgeGill and Barclays Bank I had to make and supply the very iconic red PO box to specific dimensions, as well build a white printer desk to stand next to the Barclays Bicycle and in front of a large vinyl background, helping to create a more 3 dimensional effect to the back ground as well as the foreground.