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Stratford 2012 Limited Edition Collection Series

I have just recently finished these pieces as a celebration for the 2012 Olympic Games in London, Stratford. As "London 2012" is heavily copyrighted.. I decided to name the pieces "Stratford 2012" instead.

It's a limited edition of 500x white, 500x gold, 500x Silver and 500x bronze, following the themes of the Olympic medal finishes.

I will be developing a few other models of this style, hopefully to attempt creating a branding and product to eventually sell in larger orders, to design shops and any individual who may be interested in collecting these rather personal pieces. Other sites in mind are Waterloo, London Bridge, the City.. And many others! I could go on forever in fact.. I also feel that this contemporary look is a fresh approach to traditional

I do want to retain this same feel on all future models, creating a family of models which become a collection of limited edition pieces by Ruben Marcos and sponsored by Scales & Models.

Looking forward to starting my next next model.


Liquid City Two & Three

I've just finished Liquid Cities 2 and 3 and it's time to post them. In time we should see how the following pieces evolve as new ideas are already brewing in my jelly grey mass. I will also be writing some of the conceptual perspectives behind these "pouring" pieces. In other words, what do they mean?

For sales enquiries or commissions related to this theme please contact me directly

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Liquid City One

This is the first piece completed. The idea is to have 11 different 'one off' versions of Liquid Cities. At the moment I only have moulds of London to play with, so this collection will be based around a few different London Landmarks and different "pouring" liquid effects with different variations vibrant pigments. I want to use this first version conceptually, as a foundation to further develop and find more interesting ways of representing this same concept for the next 10 versions for the Liquid Cities collection.

I've had this idea for a few years now and came to me when I was working on the "50th anniversary Pantone chair" project. This piece was initially an experiment I did back then. But since then this piece always stayed close to me. Now that this piece is complete I want to use this same original idea as a 'launch pad' to make another 10 different pieces, not as tests this time, but with a finished product purpose in mind.

© Ruben Marcos

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Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition Entry Accepted!

Kuwait Cultural Centre Architects - Mixity (Pierre Baillargeon & Rawia Baillargeon) Model Maker - Scales & Models (Ruben Marcos)

Materials: Brass etchings (Age effect with patina), Acrylics, maple and oak veneers, various paints, led lighting and a lot of laser cutting.

Much of the production time was also spent setting up cad and rhino files, flattening specific elements to be metal etched in brass and also laser cut in acrylics and veneers..

A few weeks ago I posted about this particular entry which I proposed to my clients… to apply for the Summer Exhibition! They did not take my proposal lightly and got involved straight away. I was pleased to see their enthusiasm. I did think the model could stand a good chance, but on very tough terms specially when there were over 12.000 entries for the show this year!! This only proves though that small architectural companies and even smaller model making companies can still provide top quality services giving them an opportunity to compete amongst the biggest and most well known architectural companies in this exercise. The message in this may be in the good hope of smaller companies that can still offer more personalised services VERSUS more corporate and impersonalized services which can result in creating concepts that fail to offer a true expressive soul beyond the visual eye candy aspects. I also genuinely feel that this particular model is a great example of marrying traditional approaches with technology, blending knowledge from different spectrums of creation that today still allows us to embrace the best techniques which both sides have to offer.

I was delighted to work with the whole team involved in this project at Mixity Architects, they were extremely helpful and positive towards building this model and I hope that I can keep offering my services to them and other architects that do see the benefits of creating a budget for model making not only for presentation but also for design developing purposes. The model making process within architecture should be seen as a benefit to any company and not simply a cost, it’s an investment that may offer them future contracts or helps them market or expose specific projects


Princess Eugenie and Graham Hill House – RNOH Development in Stanmore

I completed this model in late April and thought that it's a good time to post some pictures. It is a model for a redevelopment scheme for the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital in Stanmore, London.

The buildings, amongst other proposes, consist mainly of residential accommodation for the Hospital's staff.. such as Doctors and Nurses working on site.

It was an honour to be involved in such project for the Royal Family! The project was designed by apt. Design Architects, who were very helpful and positive throughout the project.