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Interflora Golden Prop Hat With Wings! (1 of 2)

Golden prop hat with wings made by Scales & Models Ltd:


Interflora Golden Prop Hat With Wings! – Production (2 of 2)

Early this year I did 3 prop hats for a florist named Interflora. This Hat was used in a series of promotional events.

It was made by carving the shapes out of "model board" and then sealed and sprayed in gold.


Hyperbolic Paraboloid – Sketch model studies

In the past few weeks I have made a sequence of these sketch models to help a student architect understand and analyse his own work. The drawings given to me were not 100% finished which proved slightly challenging to build the models accurately. But the purpose of the models was also to help the client to resolve drawing issues that he was having. The models proved very helpful to make him feel more assertive of what he was designing and enabled him to explore his ideas and concepts further.


Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital model @ 1/75

I've got an interesting project ahead which has now been confirmed. Making a scale model at 1/75 of a new Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital (NHS) building proposal in Stanmore, North London. This model will be used by the client for planning permission presentation to the local council at the end of April.

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Royal Academy of Arts – Summer exhibition entry

I have recently got the news that 'Mixity' one of my clients, has applied to enter the Royal Academy of Arts Summer exhibition with one of my most recent models. The model is a representation for a proposal to build an arts creative hub, or a cultural centre in the heart of Kuwait. I finished that model in February.. Fingers crossed it gets accepted by the RAA jury members to enter the Summer exhibition! Due to confidentiality this model is still under wraps from the public eye, but hopefully soon enough I'll be able to lift the vail and post some pics to feed the eye.