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Sophie Boswell

Just recently completed a frame commissioned by Sophie Boswell. Since most picture frames I've made so far are black in colour, here I take the chance to show a white frame finished in gloss white.


Vibe Gallery + Custom Picture Frames

I have recently started collaborating with Mark Bean at the Biscuit Factory and have since made 4 Frames for the show that the Gallery has currently on "Alternative Christmas Grotto OH, OH, OH!". We have also agreed that it could be a good idea to install a sample board showing different examples and a price list next to the board. These frames are all made from scratch.. the cuts, the detail, dimensions, length and the paint finish. I will also be adding a price list on the scales & Models website, but this one I made for Mark is exclusive to the Vibe Gallery as the price list made so far only works in conjunction with the sample board I made for the Vibe Gallery.

This Gallery is an interesting place, recently opened but with great potentials and ideas. I look forward to seeing how it develops over time. Vibe Gallery:


Car Body Filler & Laser Cut Acrylic Sheets to Build a Tower Model

This is a method that I use often to create more curved 3Dimensional shapes accurately using 3D digital models as reference and starting point. By 'slicing' the model horizontally I can create layers, in this occasion I sliced it in 4mm layers, so using 4mm acrylic I can stack each layer up until I have the basic shape at 4mm increments. This is the stage where I then fill the increments with car body filler and eventually sand the surface until I reach the edge on each layer, avoiding to sand much of the acrylic. After sanding it to the required shape I prime it and sand it at least 2 or 3 times until there is an ultra smooth surface which eventually takes on the final coat of paint completing the process.

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Airbrush pieces in progress

Since I haven't posted any of my paintings on here yet.. I feel like breaking the ice from model making and share something else beyond making models and sculptures. Unfortunately I don't paint as much as I would like to, but one of my visions is to improve this skill dramatically over time, developing and experimenting with different free hand techniques. But fundamentally also taking my current conceptual ideas into another level and improve the way I express these into realisation both in 2D and 3D. These pieces posted here are only early stages, very premature in fact. But I'll be curious to document some of this at my early stages and see how it may all improve over time.. Also they're works in progress at different stages. And I may be posting a finished shot of each at some point. But this style of painting may well change in the near future.. I'm still experimenting and playing with things in this department..

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Funny website all at 1/6 scale

All at barbie doll size, not for children though. Some censored stuff.. Hahah!!! 🙂

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